The Organic Cafe

Our most recent Project

The Organic Cafe is our current build. It's built around a Harley-Davidson Sportster engine. It has a custom built frame with a new design for us. We've built the rear engine mount into the frame, allowing us to fit the engine tightly into the frame and tighten up the rear end of the bike for a shorter wheelbase and crisper handling. The bike should be finished around the end of the year.

The tanks on this bike are gorgeous hand formed aluminum, polished to a brilliant finish. The organic shapes of these tanks give the bike its name. Each tank has flowing curves, with all of the edges of the tanks, including the bottoms, rounded over for a soft, smooth look. 

We've done the most work on this engine of any engine we've worked with to date. The head has been milled to increase compression and the valves and intake and exhaust tracts have been ported for better airflow. Valves and valve seats have been machined for a perfect seal. We will be fitting high compression pistons for a 11:1 compression ratio and a cam for greater air flow as well. We'll add a compression release so the engine will turn over easily for starting. 

This should be our fastest, most powerful, best handling and most beautiful bike yet! You can see complete build photos here

The Organic Cafe is for sale right now! Contact us at 517-545-7391 or for more information.