At Ardent we build bikes first because we love to ride and second because we love the beauty, the engineering and the history of the motorcycle. 

I fell in love with motorcycles for the way it feels to ride. I love the raw, elemental quality of a motorycle; the way it feels to fire up a bike and swing your leg over that rumbling, vibrating hulk of metal; for the way it feels to bank into a turn, the rush of wind as you gather speed, the scenery you pass through. I'll never forget the feeling of crossing state after state aboard my bike, the feeling of roaring through the night. There's just something magical about it. But I guess I don't need to tell you about that. You love riding bikes just like I do.

I build bikes because I'm an artist and a maker. I love designing and making things. I can't help it. Anything I'm passionate about I want to make one for myself. I've built guitars, kayaks, gliders, and now motorcycles. I love taking my own idea and bringing it into existence. Working out the strongest and simplest and best looking way to do something is a real joy. And, of course finding just the right proportions and shape and color and graphics that will make a bike look cool and tough and alive is enormously satisfying.

I also love craftsmanship and hard won skill. I love welding, of all things. I love the skill of controlling the heat and adding the rod at just the right moment. And more than anything else, I love shaping sheet metal, building tanks and fenders and fairings. There's nothing like starting with a flat sheet of aluminum and shaping it with mallet and English Wheel, then sanding and polishing it to perfection. You just can't beat it. 

Best of all, when you finish, you have a one of a kind motorcycle that only you have. Everyone wants to know what it is and how it is that you could possibly have made it. And then, of course, there's the pleasure of watching a client's eyes light up, watching them beam from ear to ear as they fire up that motor and swing a leg over the bike for the first time. Can't beat it.